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I had an issue with Google Maps using my right location. I emailed VocalReferences and they responded immediately. It took them less than 24 hours to fix my Google Maps issues, something I was struggling with for over 3 years. They fixed it Instantly. I have been scammed by many companies promising to deliver SEO results. No one can compare to them! Very happy client.


Owner, Million Dollar Makeover

Great customer service

Professional and prompt to respond to my concern which gave me peace of mind. Their testimonial template is also easy to use for customers and looks great on a website.

Founder/Designer, E&E Teepees





Very good support. Minor issue solved quickly.


Founder, Smrekovit Therapy Ointments

Great app

This incredible, easy-to-use app worked INSTANTLY for me! I needed to upgrade within an hour and they were there (replied immediately) to answer my questions and to help me thru the process of widgets and all sorts of neat add-ons! Absolutely wonderful! A MUST for ANY business owner! Thank you to VocalReferences and your Support staff!

Incredible, Easy to Use App!